Marek Wyszynski

President and Director

Physical therapist, Guild certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner

Marek is a co-founder of the Feldenkrais Institute of New York, the nation’s largest Feldenkrais center devoted to the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, and he is a co-founder of the Feldenkrais Foundation. Marek is a former supervisor of The New York Pain Treatment Program at Lenox Hill Hospital where he worked closely with the world-renowned physician Dr. Hans Kraus (one of the fathers of sports medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation and trigger-point therapy, as well as President John F. Kennedy’s back pain physician.) Over the past 24 years, Marek has worked with people suffering from acute and chronic pain, world-class athletes, performing artists and those with orthopedic and neurological problems. Marek is a Hospital for Special Surgery Certified Hip Clinician.

Marek’s articles include “Unity of Mind and Body in Scientific Research and The Feldenkrais Method: Example of Gait” (The Feldenkrais Journal), “Feldenkrais for People with Chronic Pain” (The Pain Practitioner, Journal of American Academy of Pain Management), and “A Structured Physical Therapy Approach for Treating the Muscular Components of Chronic Pain Syndromes” (The Journal of Back & Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation).

Marek is a former national fencing champion of Poland and a fencing coach. He provides continuing education programs for physical therapists and other health professionals and the public in the Feldenkrais Method.


Kasia Wyszynski

Physical therapist, Guild certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner

Kasia has an extensive expertise in Swedish & Medical Massage and has received training in manual therapy including: Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, Muscle Energy Techniques, and Strain Counterstrain. She has studied Muscle Imbalance Theory and Treatment. She has worked in physical therapy and rehabilitation for the past 20 years.


Andrew Suseno

Physical Therapist

Andrew has extensive experience in working with complex orthopedic and neurological adult cases in an outpatient setting, the NYU hospital and acute home care setting.  He is certified as a Laban Movement Analyst and pursued advanced training as a Somatic Movement Therapist with Dr. Martha Eddy, a highly respected somatic therapist to better understand how to apply the work with children with learning disabilities.  

Andrew’s love for movement began as a modern dancer and improviser.  In addition to working with PTFNYC, he currently works with Dancing Beyond Disabilities and with Little Sisters of the Assumption; to provide early intervention services to children under the age of three years old.  He completed three service projects to Nicaragua to help train families with special needs children on basic rehabilitation.



Valerie Grant

Physical therapist, Guild certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner

Valerie started her physical therapy career at the Rusk Institute in New York, and worked in private physical therapy practices including Bradley & Monson before joining our practice. Her special professional interest is to integrate the Feldenkrais movement philosophy into her treatment of neurological and orthopedic patients. Valerie became interested in physical therapy because of her interest in anatomy, movement, dance and music.


Donna Mulcahy

Office Manager

Donna received her Bachelor's degrees in Psychology and Women's Studies from Hunter College and completed two years toward a doctorate in Political Science. Her extensive experience in customer service and management comes from such diverse experiences as managing a large Manhattan dog-walking service, working as a court stenographer and managing an Italian restaurant in Soho. She loves reading about brain science and was inspired to work for Physical Therapy & Feldenkrais after reading Norman Doidge's The Brain's Way of Healing, which features a chapter on Moshe Feldenkrais and the method he developed.