Feldenkrais® Private Sessions

Feldenkrais is an innovative movement-based treatment and a learning method that offers many therapeutic benefits for musculoskeletal injuries and neurological problems. It addresses common difficulties like chronic and acute pain, stress and tension, poor posture, movement and walking limitations, and a general lack of ease.

Our practitioners and therapists are experts in connecting the way the skeleton, muscles, and nervous system function in the environment. 

The method is effective for anyone, regardless of age or physical ability.

Benefits of Feldenkrais:

  • Ease and grace of movement

  • Walk with ease

  • Simpler, freer breathing

  • Greater flexibility, coordination & balance

  • Increased energy level

  • Effortless good posture

  • Relief from aches & pains

  • Reduced muscle tension and anxiety

  • More refined athletic and artistic performance

  • More restful sleep

  • Injury prevention / fuller, faster recovery

  • Strategies to improve movement in any activity