Kraus Lower Back Exercise Program

Easy Steps to a Pain Free, Strong & Flexible Back

Dr. Hans Kraus was a world-renowned expert on back ailments who devoted his life to creating a universal, safe and effective system to help people suffering from back pain and sciatica.

His exercise program, unlike others, addressed the most frequent contributing factor of pain; excessive muscle tension. The program may seem deceptively simple, but is the result of life-long work and rigorous thinking of a man of genius. 

Low Back Program


LEVEL 1 - $5.99

1. Introduction and Instructions
2. Diaphragmatic Breathing
3. Shoulder Shrug
4. Leg Slide
5. Head Rotation
6. Single Knee to Chest
7. Sidelying Knee to Chest
8. Buttocks Squeeze

LEVEL 2 - $5.99

9. Double Knee to Chest
10. Cat & Camel
11. Partial Sit-up
12. Back Lengthening
13. Seated Forward Bend
14. Bicycle Hamstring Stretch - 1
15. Bicycle Hamstring Stretch - 2

LEVEL 3 - $5.99

16. Full Sit-up
17. Seated Bend with Rotation
18. Straight Leg Raise (Hamstring Stretch 1)
19. Straight Leg Raise (Hamstring Stretch 2)
20. Diver's Bend
21. Calf Stretch
22. Forward Bend

To maximize the benefits of this program:

  • Perform the exercises twice a day (mornings and evenings). In the first week do only level one (exercises 1-7), then add three or four exercises every week.

  • The exercises build on each other with a cumulative effect, so do them in the prescribed order.

  • Use a mat, carpeted floor or bed. (Yoga mats are not ideal because friction interferes with ease of sliding your legs.)

  • Avoid pain and strain!

    • Focus on letting go of tension between repetitions.

    • Perform the movements within an easy range.

    • Slow down.

If these exercises feel simple or boring, you are doing them correctly! Stick with the program, and you will experience less pain and easier movement. 

Consult your physician before starting these exercises. 

This program should not increase your pain or create other symptoms. Stop immediately if you experience discomfort.