Lessons from the opioid crisis

“From the time we woke up this morning to the time we wake up tomorrow, an estimated 130 Americans will die of an opioid overdose.”

US Department of Health and Human Services. What is the US opioid epidemic’s? 2018.

The opioid crisis can teach us a lesson or two about pain and suffering. Although local treatments, injections, surgical procedures, or medications may bring relief, they often fail to restore your health. So, what is the solution?

Most of us look for a quick fix or a magical remedy. We often get lured by a promise of yet another treatment approach, a new machine or surgery.

Perhaps what is needed is a more profound reboot of your everyday habits, that requires a change of how you think, talk, feel, sense yourself and move. Achieving lasting pain relief requires an integration of your nervous system, skeleton, muscles, soft tissues, and the way you function in your environment.

Our experts specialize in helping you achieve an optimal state and balance. We first look into how you carry yourself, how you embody a posture in sitting, standing, how you move, walk, get out of a bed or chair, how you reach, bend, twist, how you play your sport or an instrument. We assess how you breathe and evaluate the quality of every vital act. We teach you how to take better care of yourself.