Our Holistic Promise

The word “dis-ease” con-notates a lack of ease. And that is how we approach every problem our clients present. We focus on restoring your internal ease. Guiding you how to let go of the internal “tug-of-war”, conflicts and strain. We make a big deal of helping you rehearse and practice internal simplicity and ease.

This is quite a different approach from a standard medical, diagnosis driven approach. For a very long time, medicine has looked for a single cause of back pain. The attempts to find the etiology of the problem, the sole reason of suffering gives us a promise of finding a cure. It is a base of progress, finding new treatments and cures to previously incurable diseases. On the other hand it may sometimes be a dead-end path. Let’s take a back pain as an example. After years of narrowing down the origins of pain to discs, stenosis, arthritis, biomechanical origins, we seem to be stuck. A study conducted by Koes in 2006 shows that 90% of low back pain is nonspecific. In plain English - we have no idea what causes majority of pain.

You might be thinking about teaching ease as some kind of a new-age, woo-woo stuff. Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais posed a question: “What is health?”

Answers like - absence of sickness and disease, or a state of well-being, did not satisfy his scientific approach to work and life. In fact he confronted our lack of precision and vague use of words that hides or deludes the true meaning.

Feldenkrais’ riposte: “What is well-being then? How can you measure health and well-being? “ was met with silence. Obviously, health is not easy to define

Finally he proceeded with an explanation and definition of health: health is measured by the shock a person can take without her or his usual way of life being compromised. If you think of it, the definition and measurement is quite brilliant. The intensity of the shock and also the time it will take to recover homeostasis. You ride a bus and someone next to you sneezes. Will you get sick or will your system deal with the number of bacteria or viruses inhaled? (biological shock). You eat something that was to say the least “not so fresh” will you vomit all night, need to go to a hospital, get a stomach ache or will your system handle it with ease? (biological or chemical shock)You fall off a chair or down the stairs (mechanical shock) - will you break a bone, tear ligaments, sustain a serious life threatening injury or will you get up, embarrassed, dust yourself off and go on with your life. Sometimes it is about a bad luck, a fluke, but sometimes it is also something we could train. The bottom line is - let’s start the process right now. Wherever you are, whatever fitness level or state of health - if you need a wheelchair, are confined to bed or can walk or run a few blocks. Let’s start the path of getting you more resilient, stronger, and more capable of taking some hits. Let’s get healthier!