Kraus Lower Back Program - Level 3

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Kraus Level 3.png

Kraus Lower Back Program - Level 3


Easy Steps to a Pain Free, Strong & Flexible Back

Dr. Hans Kraus was a world-renowned expert on back ailments who devoted his life to creating a universal, safe and effective system to help people suffering from back pain and sciatica.

His exercise program, unlike others, addressed the most frequent contributing factor of pain; excessive muscle tension. The program may seem deceptively simple, but is the result of life-long work and rigorous thinking of a man of genius. 

Recorded by Marek Wyszynski, PT, GCFP

Track List

16. Full Sit-up
17. Seated Bend with Rotation
18. Straight Leg Raise (Hamstring Stretch 1)
19. Straight Leg Raise (Hamstring Stretch 2)
20. Diver's Bend
21. Calf Stretch
22. Forward Bend

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