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Ready to feel, look, and move better?

Meet your practitioner on Zoom or in-person


You exit the elevator on the second floor of the Chelsea Arts Building and hear a friendly greeting from our team. Your practitioner meets you in the waiting area, and you both go to a private, simply decorated comfortable room.

Alternatively, you click on a Zoom link from the comfort of your home. The way you move, think, sense, and feel immediately begins to change.

1-on-1 session. What does it entail?


Your practitioner listens to you, analyzes your posture, examines how you move, walk, and apply yourself in action. Meanwhile, they answer your questions.

The investigation process, learning about you and your habits, searching for the most effective and useful guidance is ongoing.

During your one hour of undivided attention from the practitioner, the main objective is to find and propose the optimal, most effective ways to help you heal and improve.

The session is a gentle, pain-free, and precise treatment aimed to engage you, spark curiosity, and suggest new solutions and options to use your body better.

It may be quiet and fully hands-on, or it could resemble a conversation and exchange of ideas. You may be guided through easy movements or exercises. We may record the instructions for you to practice at home.

Each session builds on the previous discoveries. Sessions are unique and depend on your specific needs and your particular circumstances.

If you’re new here, you can read more about “Our methods.

The first step to change is awareness.


What will change after our sessions? You will learn to listen to your body and understand movement like never before. This is the first step to healing. The power of being aware of your skeleton, muscles, and joints will probably surprise you.

Our body is a masterpiece, and you will learn how to collaborate and align with it. Together, we will be discovering behavioral, postural, and movement patterns that may interfere with your intention and your ability to act, move and function with ease and pleasure.

We will also explore and zero in on the patterns that you find comfortable, pain-free, effective, and easy.

As Dr. Feldenkrais said: “​​Nothing is permanent about our behavior patterns except our belief that they are so.”


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What our clients say


We often hear from our clients that they did not expect such gentle movements to have such a powerful effect. Many of them marvel at the fact that attending to the entirely different part of the body brings change and relief of the problematic area. If you want to read specific opinions, see the “Testimonials” section.


Learn the wisdom of your body


You are a marvelous, extremely precise, and complex organism. You have your own history, education, and way of understanding yourself and the world around you. Your body has its own story, a unique set of experiences: pleasant and difficult like traumas, injuries, diseases, or accidents.

Working with a body that experiences pain or discomfort resembles the work of a detective trying to connect the dots, find the common thread, understand the whole story. What can be helpful here is openness, curiosity, and combining data from various sources. We will guide and support you in this search at each step of the way. Professionally and with compassion.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” - Laozi


5 Things That Make Us Different


  • We treat the whole person, not only the injured part.
  • We address habits as frequent root causes of problems instead of treating just the symptoms or diagnoses.
  • We improve movement and posture by training the brain, not only the muscles.
    No other discipline focuses on efficient use of the skeleton like we do.
  • We work with every person differently, creating an approach that will address your individual needs and expectations.
  • We care about everyone’s safety and comfort.

Feldenkrais® Method

The philosophy, theory, and practice were developed by an Israeli physicist, Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, who understood human movement like no other! Today, we share this knowledge with you, helping you feel and move better.

Feldenkrais Practitioners offer solutions and do not focus on problems. We concentrate on your potential. We search for what is working well in you, where your posture and movement coordination is well-developed.

We expand on it and make it even better. During that process, your limitations diminish too! With such an approach, every day, in every way, you can get better and better.

Physical Therapy Sessions

You are in good hands. Our physical therapists are licensed healthcare professionals who work closely with your medical team to evaluate, develop a care plan, and deliver the most successful treatment.

Our clinic is a participating member of the Hospital for Special Surgery Rehabilitation Network.

Each of our physical therapists offers over 25 years of clinical experience in restoring, maintaining, and promoting optimal physical function.
They are also certified Feldenkrais Practitioners meaning they have a broader perspective and more means at their disposal to help you effectively.

Our physical therapy treatments often include therapeutic exercises, neuromuscular re-education, manual therapy, balance, postural, and gait training to help you address a wide variety of orthopedic problems and neurological conditions.

Our physical therapy staff includes an HSS Rehabilitation Hip Preservation Certified Clinician – Marek Wyszynski, PT, GCFP.

Educational Approach:

Feldenkrais® Sessions

  • Engage the mind and body together
  • Work with your nervous system, as the brain that is in charge of your movement patterns.
  • Change your movements, you must literally change your mind.
  • Allow people to reconnect with their bodies and learn ways to move with more ease.
Medical Approach:

Physical Therapy Sessions

  • Includes work with muscles, soft tissues, joints.

  • Goals include relieving pain and restoring the painful or injured area to its normal function.

  • Exercises may include stretching or strengthening specific muscles, balance, and coordination training.

FeldenKrais Method

What are the benefits of working with us?

Typically, after the Feldenkrais sessions, our clients report:

Decrease of strain and pain

Your body feels more relaxed and free. You may be surprised how this seemingly small thing makes a big difference and affects your daily performance, as well as your relationships with other people and the outside world in general.

Effortless and upright posture

Do a little experiment. Check how you feel when you stand up straight and look ahead? How does that change when you slouch and look at the floor? Do you feel the difference? Walk bravely and effortlessly!

Smoothness and flow of movement

The concept of hard work is overrated when it comes to our body movement. Shifting the focus to the quality of our movement opens up a new possibility of a more comfortable and enjoyable life, without obstacles or difficulties in walking, running, and jumping.

Increased vitality and energy levels

When you care for and pay attention to your body, you can sense how grateful it is. It gives you back a feeling of well-being. This means more vitality and energy. You want to live your life to the fullest again! Try it.

Ease of breathing

Breath is life! Many of our problems come from the shallow, rapid breathing that is characteristic of stressful situations. When your breathing slows down, your body automatically feels calmer. Check it out for yourself.

Healthy body and peaceful mind

As the saying goes, “a healthy mind in a healthy body.” When this condition is met, the whole world seems a more open and friendly place, and everyday matters seem simpler. Experience the difference today!

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