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Valerie Grant


Valerie is a licensed Physical Therapy and Senior Feldenkrais Practitioner with over 25 years of clinical experience. She started her physical therapy career at the Rusk Institute in New York. From there, she worked in private physical therapy practices, including Bradley & Monson, before joining our team.

Her professional interest is to integrate the Feldenkrais Method’s movement philosophy into her treatment of neurological and orthopedic patients. Valerie became interested in physical therapy because of her fascination in anatomy, movement, dance, and music.

Interesting facts about Valerie

I am most happy when a client experiences that “Aha!” moment for themselves. They notice that something is changing, which piques their curiosity to explore further, and they feel positive. 

After 1:1 sessions, I often hear that they feel more stable and grounded than when they arrived. Sometimes I think it’s physical. Sometimes I think it’s emotional. I try to establish a comfortable, friendly atmosphere so that there is some humor during our sessions while at the same time maintaining a respectful and professional environment.

What I love about the Feldenkrais Method is that it is gentle and non-judgmental. When clients come in and have tried other disciplines or traditional physical therapy, they recognize that our approach is. Goals are still discussed, but the journey to achieve them is quite different. 

When I have some free time, I like to hike in Harriman State Park and vacation at other hiking destinations. I also enjoy riding my bike along rail trails, gardening, and playing the piano. 

When I first moved out of NYC, I did not know a weed from ground cover or perennial flowers from annuals. I have enjoyed over the years continuing to learn about gardening. 

As an adult piano student, I continue to learn and hope to be a student forever. 

This idea of ongoing learning, always recognizing that there is room for improvement, and accepting oneself reminds me of why the Feldenkrais Method is such a good “fit” for me. I enjoy being a practitioner to share that with my clients.

What our Clients say about Valerie

Magic touch

Valerie has a magic touch that feels effortless yet leaves me feeling relaxed, loosen up and able to move with much less pain.

Patti B.

Valerie has changed my life:)

Monette D.

I felt very safe with all the new protocols. Especially happy to be back with Valerie, who I think it’s terrific.

Alan H.

Always accommodating. Kind, good atmosphere and I adore Valerie Grant. She is exceptional.

Monnette D.

Excellent therapist

Valerie Grant is an excellent therapist who has helped me with my shoulder injury and is now helping with my knee, with significant results.

Gerard M.

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