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Hamstrings Unlocked Hero Image, woman and little girl sitting on the floor and stretching

Elevate your daily life with our transformative course, designed to significantly improve your musculoskeletal health, energy, comfort, and mood by optimizing routine movements.

In just five sessions, master key daily activities effortlessly, benefiting everyone from those overcoming daily challenges to athletes and artists aiming to enhance their skills.

This course lays the groundwork for fundamental to advanced movements, promoting a life of comfort, balance, and elegance.

Hamstrings Unlocked Hero Image, woman and little girl sitting on the floor and stretching

Hamstrings play a key role in the health and function of your entire body. They are involved in walking, climbing, squatting, lunging, bending forward, and even getting up from a chair. 

Join us in this transformative 21-day journey to unlock the potential of your hamstring muscles and create a healthier, more harmonious relationship with your body.

No prior experience with the Feldenkrais Method is necessary. All levels of fitness and flexibility are welcome.

This workshop is appropriate for everyone, from the person who has difficulty walking a short distance to the avid hiker.

Join our 30-day immediately applicable course and abandon old, awkward, and clumsy patterns. 

The cumulative effects of regular practice will take your walking and balance to the next level. Make walking with poise, ease, and elegance your everyday reality. 

This course is designed to delve into the world of spinal flexion focusing on techniques and exercises that promote a healthy, flexible and resilient back. The materials in this course will help you learn and practice the fundamentals of spinal flexion, including proper alignment, core engagement, and mobility exercises.

Learn and practice how to improve your posture and movement of your spine with the whole body effortlessly through gentle arching and lengthening lessons.

You will gain back stability and mobility in your daily activities. Use this course to skillfully and gently support your back.

Turn and look around with ease! This course aims to restore well-distributed movement throughout your entire skeleton when turning from head to toe.

You will learn what good rotational motion means and how it feels, and practice with an expert guidance, how to incorporate it into your daily life.

This course focuses on your unsung hero, the thorax. Explore at your own pace the connecting role of your chest, the middle back region, and the spine. Thorax, rib cage, or chest is essential to your breathing, posture, balance, overall health of your internal organs, and the movement of your entire body.

Learn wonderful movements to unlock the power of the rib cage!

This pre-recorded online course provides tested solutions for pain-relief, improved strength & flexibility for your knees. It is an excellent training in posture and movement patterns that integrate the knees with the entire body. It is a perfect resource for your independent healing, study and practice or as a supplement to your physical therapy program.

Discover and practice how to use your shoulders, back and arms with greater intelligence, flexibility, and efficiency to heal and prevent shoulder injuries and pain.

Learn the secrets of the healthy shoulders. Practice safe and healing movements of the entire body that help heal, improve, and strengthen the shoulders.

Following this course, you’ll experience how essential your feet and ankles are in your posture, balance and movement.

Learn and practice how to use your hardworking feet with greater intelligence and efficiency to manage or prevent common and often debilitating problems like arthritis, bunions, tendonitis and more.

Freedom of headband neck movement translates into your sense of balance, safety, overall health, and life quality. In this course you will learn and practice ways to make your neck and shoulders freer, more flexible, and more comfortable.

Discover how to replace harmful posture and movement habits with more healing and supportive options.

Our hips play a central role in most movements and activities of our everyday life. Follow this online course and learn ways to make your hips more powerful, flexible, and comfortable.

Discover how to replace harmful postures and movement habits with new and healthy patterns. Get HIP under the expert guidance of Marek Wyszynski!


Restoring your muscles to normal, painless function. Recovering from acute back pain and flare-ups. A simple solution for overstressed, under-exercised life. A must, starting point for back pain sufferers. Ideal first step of managing back pain.

We tend to breathe shallowly, which may create tension in different parts of our bodies and lead to health problems. The “Breathe Better, Feel Better” online course is composed of the Six Essential Breathing Feldenkrais® lessons for self-study.

Life can get super busy and very stressful. How do you deal with challenges of anxiety and tension? Here is a mini-course Marek made especially for you.


Presented by Marek Wyszynski, PT, GCFP this set of Feldenkrais exercises will help you to develop a new, functional understanding of the alignment, control, and dynamics of your entire lower body, pelvis, and spine.

“Healthy You” is a growing library of audio & video materials inspired by the Feldenkrais method and the Feldenkrais NYC team’s 30 years of experience of working with many clients individually and in a group setting.

Healthy Back - Online Course for Back Pain Relief

Our flagship online course consists of tailored exercises designed to lay the foundation for a lifetime of postural health, flexibility, strength, and resilience. During the program, you also attend online meetings with Marek Wyszynski, PT, GCFP.


Sign up for “Feel to Heal”, a free course for beginners. In 3 simple lessons, you will learn how to begin to feel your body in order to heal it.

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