Special Focus Courses

New Course:

Posture University:
Easy Extension

In this course—the first in our Posture University series—you’ll discover how to improve your posture and movement effortlessly through gentle arching and lengthening lessons for better stability and mobility in your daily activities

Healthy Spinal Rotations

This course aims to restore well-distributed movement throughout your entire skeleton when turning from head to toe.

Join us to learn what good rotational motion is and what it feels like and incorporate it into your daily life.

United Ribs

Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your overall health and well-being. Unlock the power of the rib cage!

Join our course and learn about this musculoskeletal marvel between your neck, low back, shoulders, and abdomen.

OutStanding Knees

Solutions for Pain-relief, Strength & Flexibility

Study with Marek and learn how to prevent or reduce knee pain. Practice moving your knees in coordination with the ankles, hips and spine for greater power, efficiency and comfort.

Strong & Flexible Shoulders

A Shoulder Above the Feldenkrais® Way

Study with Marek and learn how to use your shoulders, back and arms with greater intelligence, flexibility, and efficiency to heal and prevent shoulder injuries and pain.

Fabulous Feet & Ankles

From the ground up, the Feldenkrais® way

You will learn how essential your feet and ankles are in your posture and movement quality. Join us in the thrilling practice of self-mastery!

Neck Necessities

Feldenkrais® Fundamentals for Healthy Neck & Shoulders

Join us and learn ways to make your neck and shoulders freer, more flexible, and more comfortable. Learn how the Feldenkrais Method can help you replace harmful postures and movement habits with healthy ones.

Happy Hips

The five most essential Feldenkrais® Lessons to help restore, heal and protect your hip joints.

Learn ways to make your hips more powerful, flexible, and comfortable. Replace harmful postures and movement habits with new and healthy patterns.


Back Pain First Aid Kit

Restoring your muscles to normal, painless function. Recovering from acute back pain and flare-ups. A simple solution for overstressed, under-exercised life. A must, starting point for back pain sufferers. Ideal first step of managing back pain. 

Breathe Better, Feel Better

We tend to breathe shallowly, which may create tension in different parts of our bodies and lead to health problems. The “Breathe Better, Feel Better” online course is composed of the Six Essential Breathing Feldenkrais® lessons for self-study.

Deep Relaxation & Calmness

Life can get super busy and very stressful. How do you deal with challenges of anxiety and tension? Here is a mini-course Marek made especially for you.


Healthy & Dynamic Legs

Presented by Marek Wyszynski, PT, GCFP this set of Feldenkrais exercises will help you to develop a new, functional understanding of the alignment, control, and dynamics of your entire lower body, pelvis, and spine.

Healthy You – Membership

“Healthy You” is a growing library of audio & video materials inspired by the Feldenkrais method and the Feldenkrais NYC team’s 30 years of experience of working with many clients individually and in a group setting.

Healthy Back - Online Course for Back Pain Relief

Pain-Free & Healthy Back

Our flagship online course consists of tailored exercises designed to lay the foundation for a lifetime of postural health, flexibility, strength, and resilience. During the program, you also attend online meetings with Marek Wyszynski, PT, GCFP.


Feel to Heal

Sign up for “Feel to Heal”, a free course for beginners. In 3 simple lessons, you will learn how to begin to feel your body in order to heal it.

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