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Marion Helfenstein

Staff Practitioner

Marion is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner offering private sessions and weekly group classes. She discovered the Feldenkrais Method in her native France over 15 years ago as a way of healing from injuries, reconnecting with herself and enhancing her performing skills. She has been incorporating Feldenkrais principles into her professional dance practice and life philosophy ever since. Marion holds a bachelor’s degree in Economic and Social Sciences and is a certified dance instructor in ballet and Graham technique.

As a practitioner, Marion strives for each individual to realize their fullest potential, so that anyone can become the best version of themselves.

Her curiosity in the human body, mindfulness practices and background as a dancer allows her to help a broad array of individuals by answering various needs – from restoring basic function of movement to furthering athletic performances and performing skills. She is eager to create the conditions for empowerment through self-awareness, bringing her clients more ease, confidence, and pleasure in movement and in life!


Interesting facts about Marion

I am most happy when I witness a client experiencing a new sensation within themselves for the first time. It’s like all the dots connect and I can see in their eyes and whole body this moment of truth and empowerment.

After 1:1 sessions, I often hear “I didn’t know I held so much tension and stress in my body”. It is incredible how such small/minimal touches and movements can be so potent and transformative.

During the group classes, I pay attention to the comfort and responses of my students and the coherence of my instructions. I aim to create a welcoming and safe space where students can be curious about themselves and explore playfully without judgment. I love using imagery to unlock students’ potential to see and feel themselves differently.

What I love about the Feldenkrais Method is that the possibilities are endless! It is a learning process in constant evolution: letting emerge new elements, ideas sometimes challenges to solve but also creating connections, bridging between past experiences and new ones, to explore uncharted territory. The beauty of it is that we never give the same FI or teach the same ATM twice because this method is meant to respond and meet the students wherever they are in their own journey on this learning path.

When I have some free time I love to move! Whether it is taking dance classes, rehearsing for my next performance, teaching dance, or experimenting with a new ATM. One might say I am always thirsty for more embodied learning, including reading or listening to podcasts! It is something deeply fulfilling and satisfying to me as it feeds mind, body, and soul altogether. I am also a normal (French) person who loves to cook and eat good food, but most importantly gather to share it with people I love :). And there’s so much more! I love to connect to nature by spending time outdoors and hiking. I also enjoy watching movies, listening to music, and just remembering to slow down.

What our Clients say about Marion

The practitioner Marion worked very well with Alice who is 90. Alice liked her. We will definitely make more appointments.

Jean R.

The personality of Marion, her gentle kind heart, spirit, her soothing voice and her gentle healing touch. Her knowledge and skill.

Jacqueline J.

Marion is knowledgeable and helpful.

 Jacqueline Johnson

I have been working with Marion Helfenstein as my Feldenkrais practitioner for the past year, having begun in-person sessions with her during the Covid pandemic (since July 2020).  From the beginning I have been  very impressed with her expert  knowledge of Feldenkrais practices as well as the body in general, due to her extensive background in dance.  Marion brings wonderful fresh energy and thoughtfulness to every session, and has an intuitive understanding of how my body is organized at any given time and what needs to be worked on.  She is always patient and caring and an excellent listener.  I  leave our sessions feeling refreshed, renewed, and invigorated – and moving with better energy and efficiency thanks to her work.

Mary M.

Since my first Feldenkrais class several years ago I have experienced benefit to my body, mind, and soul. Current sessions with practitioner Marion continue the journey.

Jean R.

Feldenkrais is magnificent therapy and MARION, who worked with me, was excellent.

Ruth P.

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If Marion’s professional background, experience, and approach to clients resonate with you, join her group Attention Through Movement (ATM) classes. Marion is available in our NYC office or online, on Zoom. Check Marion’s ATM class schedule.

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