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Kasia Wyszynski


Kasia is a licensed physical therapist and senior Feldenkrais practitioner with over 29 years of clinical experience helping clients with a variety of orthopedic and neurological issues, pain, or movement problems. Kasia’s interest in the Feldenkrais Method has been a lifelong quest to understand how we move and function in the world and how we improve and develop new skills no matter our age or circumstances. Kasia’s special interest and passion lies in working with women on a variety of issues, including the health of the pelvic floor system. Her goal is to guide her clients and help them find more ease, comfort, and joy of moving. Kasia expertly combines her understanding of anatomy, physiology, and the Feldenkrais Method with mindfulness-based practices.

Interesting facts about Kasia

After a 1:1 session, I often hear a client say, “Wow! I feel so different!” Clients feel lighter and/or more grounded, and many are surprised by their new, vibrant sense of self-awareness, including how they move or hold themselves. Many students experience themselves in such a new, surprising, and pleasurable way that they get quiet and internally focused. I do my best not to disturb this new connection, rather respect it and foster it.

During group classes, I pay attention to my students’ comfort, quality of attention, and connection with themselves. I constantly adjust my teaching as necessary, guiding the students to listen to their bodies and learn from the experience of the lesson.

What I love about the Feldenkrais Method is that it combines body movement and mindfulness. Feldenkrais provides us with an incredible opportunity to learn about who we are and how we show up for ourselves and the world around us. Through awareness, self-observation, introspection, and movement we can gain self-understanding and attunement.

In my free time, I enjoy doing Awareness Through Movement lessons, riding my bike, spending time in nature, cooking, and listening to my favorite podcasts.

What our Clients say about Kasia

Kasia was knowledgeable, kind and very tuned into what my body needed. The reception staff was friendly and welcoming.

Karol. W

[“All About the Pelvis” online class with Kasia] is a slow, thorough, and enjoyable exploration of an area of the body that is often skipped in other lessons. Understanding more about the pelvic floor and really feeling its existence is allowing me to support other movements in ways I have neglected.

David O’Shea Meyer

I only wish I had discovered Feldenkrais NYC decades ago!

I’ve made the 7-hour round trip to Physical Therapy & Feldenkrais NYC (“Feldenkrais NYC”) weekly for nearly 3 years. It has been worth every minute.

For decades, I was athletic but injured (back, shoulder, foot, ligaments, balance, arthritis). And for decades, I tried PT, acupuncture, and various physicians. Then a PT suggested I see Marek at Feldenkrais NYC because it was my body mechanics that were making me prone to injury. Changing those would not be a matter of strengthening or stretching a muscle or having surgery. It would require neuromuscular reeducation.

With the help of Marek and Kasia, I have been learning what it feels like to stand and to move without strain or pain. I sense when my skeleton, muscles, and BRAIN (the ultimate boss) cooperate rather than fight. I can walk, balance, sit, get up, turn, reach, and bend without clenching or going numb.

[…] Changes occur unconsciously, as my brain re-trains. These improvements transfer to other activities, like gardening, walking my dogs and driving. I still hurt sometimes, but I learn why, and I do something about it! I only wish I had discovered Feldenkrais NYC decades ago!

Jane Purcell

Kasia was excellent. No waiting to be seen.

Gerda K.

I’ve been attending classes for several years  –  in person and more recently on Zoom. In that time, I regained lost mobility, improved my balance, and became strong and flexible. It’s hard to explain the Feldenkrais method in a few words, but the results of these targeted physical lessons are monumental. As a longtime yoga and Pilates student, I find Feldenkrais to be the next level of mind/body connection. Great instruction and very, very reasonable prices.

Irene Silber

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If Kasia’s professional background, experience, and approach to clients resonate with you, join her group Awareness Through Movement (ATM) class. Kasia is available in our NYC office or online on Zoom. Check Kasia’s ATM class schedule and sign up for the classes today.

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