The Art of Breath:

From Stress Reduction

to Peak Fitness

A Two-Day

Feldenkrais Experience

Physical Therapy & Feldenkrais NYC is a participating member of the Hospital for Special Surgery Rehabilitation National Network. Learn more about Hospital for Special Surgery, #1 in the world for orthopedics.

Who we are

20 years of helping people heal and feel better

We are a group of somatic practitioners and physical therapists, fascinated by the inner wisdom of the human body and mind. We’re dedicated to helping you feel better and more confident about moving and healing.

For the last 20 years, we have been combining Physical Therapy and the Feldenkrais Method to improve and transform the lives of our clients.

Bridging the medical approach with the educational one has been extremely effective in creating change and steady healing and growth.

You can work with us in person in our Manhattan, Chelsea office,  or virtually from any place in the world with access to the internet. Your safety, comfort, and success are our top priorities. 

In addition to the 1-on-1 treatment and coaching, our offer includes the “Healthy YOU” online learning platform. It is a new and easy way for you to access the live group classes, workshops, and courses as well as a growing library of Feldenkrais-inspired educational content.

Our Services

Are you looking for someone to help you get better through safe, non-invasive, and natural methods?

Would you like to change your movement and postural habits?

Are you ready to commit to yourself with the coaching, and guidance of the right teacher?

Are you an independent spirit and you learn best when studying on your own? From the safety and comfort of your home?

We got you covered:

During your one hour of undivided attention from the practitioner, the main objective is to find and propose the optimal, most effective ways to help you heal and improve.

Sign up for “Feel to Heal”, a free course for beginners. In 3 simple lessons, you will learn how to begin to feel your body in order to heal it.

“Healthy YOU” learning platform is a growing library of Feldenkrais-inspired educational content (audio & video materials) created by Marek Wyszynski & the PT & Feldenkrais NYC Team.

Featured in The New York Times

Our office and the Feldenkrais Method were featured in The New York Times in an article about chronic pain and the benefits of our approach. The article, titled ‘Trying the Feldenkrais Method for Chronic Pain,’ explores how our method can help those suffering from chronic pain to improve their quality of life.

As Featured in 'Crooked'

We are proud to have been featured in Cathryn Jakobson Ramin’s book, ‘Crooked: Outwitting the Back Pain Industry and Getting on the Road to Recovery.’

Ramin, a veteran investigative journalist who has suffered from persistent back pain, explores all facets of the back pain industry and provides an essential examination of what works, what doesn’t, and what may cause harm.

Buy The Book

“Healthy YOU” — a new way to take care of your health and feel better.

An online, growing library of Feldenkrais-inspired educational content and weekly live classes.
7-Day Free Trial

Why choose us

You are in good hands

In 2021 PT & Feldenkrais NYC celebrated its 20th anniversary. The practice was established by Marek Wyszynski, PT, GCFP, with the main goals to relieve suffering, restore health, bring freedom, ease, and mastery. To get you better is why we come to work every day. We employ science, modern-evidence-based rehabilitation medicine, mindfulness, loving-kindness, and respect. Your progress is our happiness. The “NYC” in our name stands not only for the obvious but for “Now You Can.”

For decades, collectively, we have focused on discovering what makes people better. We have worked with Olympic, top-level professional athletes, Metropolitan Opera and Broadway stars, musicians, and accomplished actors and we treat everyone as VIP. When you work with us you become part of our family and community.

You can read more about Marek’s accomplishments, experiences, and unique approach read here.

Solid foundations and individual approach

When you work with us, you have access to professionals with up to 30 years of clinical experience. We collaborate, discuss and learn from each other and stay in touch with the rest of your medical or wellness team.

We value our clients at  Feldenkrais NYC. You can expect solid, honest, and empathetic advice and treatment.

Most of our clients become our friends for life. We believe the professional and compassionate relationship between you and your practitioner is a necessary foundation for your success.

Our goal is to help you move more freely and pain-free. More about methods you can read here.

True team spirit

PT & Feldenkrais NYC has an outstanding team of devoted and experienced Physical Therapists and Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioners.  Each team member has a slightly different background but a common passion for guiding people towards health, resilience, and mastery in using their bodies and minds. More about our team: read here.

See what our clients have to say and learn more about our approach and work philosophy.


What people are saying

Excellent service, outstanding people. Over the years the practitioners have helped me tremendously and taught me how to move and improve the quality of my life. […]

Charles Paldy

I was diagnosed with Central Pain Syndrome a decade ago. At Feldenkrais NYC, I not only found willing partners, but brilliant therapists that use a full body approach and neurological retraining through every lesson to increase function and decrease pain.

Rob Ray

The zoom classes are fantastic. I love that we can ask questions when the class is over. I find it very informative . The new website for the audios is great and affordable. I am so happy with how everything is working.

Alisoun P.

Zoom Feldenkrais classes made magic to my regular fitness activities!
I live in Sweden and feel like I am right there in NYC. After attending the lessons twice a week for the past two months, I have noticed a number of positive changes in my regular fitness practice. To my surprise, burpees got miraculously easier. I highly recommend Feldenkrais NYC to anyone interested in the practice of living well with and in your body.

Martina W. Johansson

Wonderful lessons and diverse offerings for better movement and an improved sense of self and wellbeing.

Tamarind Jordan Stowell

Thank you so much!

I have felt so much better immediately after my first Functional Integration session with Marek and my problem was absolutely listened understood and addressed. I also feel I have more tools now to work on the problem and I can’t wait to come for my next session. Can’t recommend this wonderful place and method more.

I felt so much better immediately and my problem was absolutely listened to, understood and addressed. I also feel I have more tools now to work myself on the problem and can’t wait to come to next session.

Flavia B.

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