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Janet Steele


Staff Feldenkrais Practitioner Janet Steele offers private sessions and teaches weekly classes. She also teaches classes and provides private sessions for the Feldenkrais Foundation. Janet was formerly a Certified Trager® Practitioner, working mainly with people with Parkinson’s disease. She holds a Master’s Degree in Music and was a tenured faculty member in the Music Department at CCNY. A founding member of the Grammy-nominated Western Wind Vocal Ensemble, she frequently appears as a soprano soloist. Janet has studied and practiced Soaring Crane qigong for many years.

Her own interest in learning and in how people learn brought her to the Feldenkrais Method. She views its orientation of working with movement as a profound path to understanding. She is interested in exploring each individual’s unique needs to facilitate their healing, growth, and enjoyment of life.

Interesting facts about Janet

I am most happy when clients are able to realize their dreams in small or large parts. Whether it’s recovering from an injury, dealing with a chronic condition, getting ready for a hiking trip, or improving abilities in their chosen hobby or art form.
After 1:1 sessions, I often hear that my clients feel more open, have more freedom of movement, and feel encouraged by their progress.

During group classes, I pay attention to students’ movement quality, their breathing awareness, and tempo. I aim to create the best conditions for learning through pacing, clear instructions, and a friendly presentation. Before and after class, I enjoy talking with participants and answering questions.

What I love about the Feldenkrais Method is that it provides open-ended possibilities for learning and improvement, no matter what problems or issues people may bring to it.

When I have some free time I enjoy walking in Central Park, I enjoy meeting with friends, I enjoy singing, I enjoy deepening my study of the Feldenkrais Method, and I enjoy life! I feel that all these experiences enrich what I can bring to the clients I work with.

What our Clients say about Janet

I felt transformed

Marek is a very gifted Feldenkrais practitioner and teacher. He is very focused and attuned to the students inquiries and needs. The workshop helped me to become more attuned to myself and I felt transformed.

Barbara Chalom

Marek did a great job working with my daughter, and made the session productive and informative, yet fun. He is wise, and has a natural ability to relate to people, even kids. He showed her a lot of respect, and encouraged her to tap into her strength.

Beth Kapocias

Marek's approach made intuitive sense to me.

I am a physical therapy student and recently attended a lecture /demonstration by Marek. Marek’s approach made intuitive sense to me. I loved the way he wove together interesting anecdotes, ideas about neuroplasticity and human health, knowledge of anatomy, and practical demonstrations. I was amazed by how much movement I gained in my neck and trunk after just a few minutes of practising the techniques. I look forward to learning more about Feldenkrais for my own health, as well as a tool to integrate into physical therapy practice.

Divya R.

I am enormously grateful.

Over the last several decades in my once a week lessens with Marek I have discovered new ways of thinking and feeling about the aches and pains of aging. To leave a class having explored previously unknown movement options, free of discomfort and amazingly re-aligned is a profound experience for which I am enormously grateful.

Sheila Green

Thank you so much!

I have felt so much better immediately after my first Functional Integration session with Marek and my problem was absolutely listened understood and addressed. I also feel I have more tools now to work on the problem and I can’t wait to come for my next session. Can’t recommend this wonderful place and method more.

I was badly hurt with a herniated disc – great pain, and for the first couple weeks, couldn’t walk, sit or stand. Marek got me through it, gently and with insight and confidence. He told me I’d get completely better with no surgery or other invasive procedure, and it was hard to believe at the beginning, but he was right. Can’t recommend highly enough!

Adam H. Sobel

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If Janet’s professional background, experience, and approach to clients resonate with you, join her group Attention Through Movement (ATM) classes. Janet is available in our NYC office or online, on Zoom. Check Janet’s ATM class schedule.

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