A Virtual Course with Marek Wyszynski, PT, GCFP

Pain Free & Healthy Back


An ONLINE course of tailored exercises designed to lay the foundation for a lifetime of postural health, flexibility, strength, and resilience.

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Is this course for me?

We can meet you where you are.

This program can serve you if you are:
  • Experiencing chronic or intermittent back pain (longer than 3 months)
  • Recovering from recent injury or new back pain (within 3 months)
  • Looking to protect your back from future injury or pain (prevention)
    You will benefit the most if you are:
    • Curious about mind-body integration
    • Proactive about your health
    • Seeking an effective daily exercise routine
    • Interested in introspection and reflection

    What Our Clients Say

    Much better than I expected.


    That seemingly simple exercises can produce dramatic changes in function and pain relief. […] The program was much better than I expected. […] It presents plenty of information to support the science of each exercise and encourages you to advance to more exercise at your own pace.


    Peter S.

    The program was great and effortless.


    I wasn’t sure I would stick with it [but] I enjoyed the daily discipline. I did most of the program in mountain time, so the lesson was at 6:30am. As much as I don’t like to get up early, I found it easier to stick to the program and more rewarding at 6:30 am compared to doing it at 8:30 am when I was in N.Y. […] The program was great and effortless.


    Don Lebowitz
    Do it. You will be pleasantly surprised. Whatever level you are at you will see improvement, you can work at your own pace.



    I learned and improved more than I thought possible.


    This is a wonderful course that will give you the tools to help you get out of back pain and to take care of your back. I was amazed at how pleasant the entire course was. I looked forward everyday to waking up to my 20 minutes with Marek!

    No matter what stage you are in with a back issue you can do this series of movements. It is adaptable and appropriate for anyone. I know you don’t like to exercise, but this has nothing to do with normal “exercise”. It is more about finding comfort with moving.

    Marek is a wonderful teacher who has a gift for talking about the body in a way that is easily understood. You can feel he is a really good person and wants to help. He is kind but also efficient and does not waste time. It helped me so much to understand what I was doing to aggravate my back and how I could change that. I learned and improved more than I thought possible during this course!


    Diane Taylor

    Great blending of therapeutic modalities.


    Very valuable tool for anyone with chronic back pain. This is not a 21-day miracle cure, but a sound, sensible, practical, relaxing and focused program that you can do forever and adapt to your own needs and pain level. Very informative and great blending of therapeutic modalities.



    About Our Methodology

    The program provides:


    •  Remedies for back pain & sciatica
    • A simple home program that will set you up for success without any special props or equipment
    • Increased flexibility and strength of critical postural muscles
    • No-nonsense knowledge of what to do and what to avoid to alleviate pain and recover from injury fast
    • Strategies for dealing with setbacks and flare-ups
    • Prevention of back injuries and pain
    • Relaxation of muscle tension and tightness
    • Relief of trigger points, muscle knots, and spasms
    • Improved posture
    • Restoration of ease and comfort in everyday activities
    • Ergonomic home/work-station, including computer desk evaluation and guidance on improving your posture and body mechanics

    Each edition is a little different from the previous one. We will let you know about the details once the registration is open.

    97% of participants felt better after the course

    You will feel better and can make corrections to improve whatever it is you choose to work on.


    I have not taken anything similar. But I can say that it is interesting how the 21 days exercises align with the in-person sessions.

    […] The movements are not big movements like aerobics but more like a study in how many parts of the body’s frame and muscles are involved in a single movement. There are also some anatomy lessons which truly help to expand how I think about each movement we are studying.

    Finally, all of this thought and awareness contributes to a sense of oh, this feels different now, when walking and moving about in daily life.

    You will feel better and can make corrections to improve whatever it is you choose to work on, for me, my gait.


    Lisa M.

    This is a wonderful program.


    I loved that it was at 8:30 every morning for 21 consecutive days. It was a good time of day to get started. The fifteen-minute session was perfect. Being able to go back and review and do the exercises at my own pace, and as often as I was able, was wonderful. Marek, Kasia and their entire team were always there for encouragement.

    […] This is a wonderful program. If you have pain or discomfort you could be surprised at how much easier moving will be if you. Open your mind to the interrelationships of mind and body — and do the exercises.


    Resa Tylim

    It HAS to help, whatever your problem or even if you have no problem.


    I’ve never participated in another program like this. It combined technical information with a philosophical approach to improvement and healing, all done in a most lovely manner. The medium is the message.

    This program is a unique combination of physical, mental, and emotional learning. It HAS to help, whatever your problem or even if you have no problem.



    Nothing to lose and so much to gain by taking this course.


    No matter what shape you are in or what problems you have, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain by taking this course. The exercises are easy, logical and build on each other, so that within a couple of weeks you will have positive results.

    Moreover, you will learn a great deal about the human body in general and your body in particular. This is not a typical exercises program but an education in awareness through movement.


    Jenifer Marx

    A great way to get my day started!


    […] It was just great. Although I attended every single session in “real time”, it is a huge plus to be able to have access to each of the sessions through the links that you made available to class participants.

    I have already begun “attending” the course all over again — continuing to tune in each morning at 8:30, just as I did for the original series. It is a great way to get my day started !


    Barbara Britton

    88% of participants said the program was much better than they expected

    I can’t imagine a better program. It was brilliant, succinct, and persuasive.


    Besides your remarkable Feldenkrais zoom classes I haven’t taken other programs, but this one was wonderful. Its daily-ness was great, the fact that it was early every morning and not too long, so the habit of it was part of my day. I keep being surprised at how little I know about how my body works, so every day I learned new things about the amazing way we’re constructed.

    Breathing relaxes and centers me and very simple movements have a deep effect: after a week and a half of the program, without knowing how or why, my very tight neck and shoulders suddenly didn’t bother me anymore: they were loosened. More than anything, I began to learn to soften my whole being.

    I can’t imagine a better program. It was brilliant, succinct, and persuasive. The proof of its effectiveness is that I have not missed a day of practice since the program ended.

    I would say, do it! It is so thoughtfully constructed; it began every day well. The simplicity of the exercises, the mini-course in physical anatomy, the fact that you have a set of exercises that can take no more than 15 minutes, and have a chance to learn how to soften everything, muscles, effort, thoughts. It’s great.


    Ann S.

    Super well-organized end to end.


    I can’t say that enough. Incredible teamwork from the first touch point to the last day – digital and face to face. The entire team’s effort was clear. And you were on time (early) every day. That is important to me.

    [The content] was so well thought through. The structure of the first session, and then each daily struck a perfect balance of theory, explanation and practicum. We need to know WHY, not just WHAT, and this program did it. George, the anatomical applications and the slides were great.

    It is incredibly difficult to break through with anything physical related, and even harder in a group setting. The way Marek lectured, spoke and cued were fantastic. I can’t deny that the “calmness” factor was very valuable both in the lectures and in the YouTube videos.

    It was clear you had worked on this for a long time. That it was not thrown together to merely drive revenue. But your business sense is terrific in this program and the directed offers immediately ready on the last day. Very well done.


    Colette Levy

    About Marek Wyszynski, PT, GCFP

    Marek is President and Clinical Director of Physical Therapy and Feldenkrais® NYC, and a member of the Hospital for Special Surgery Rehabilitation Network. He is a co-founder of the Feldenkrais Foundation and the Feldenkrais Institute of New York and has worked with Dr. Hans Kraus as head of rehabilitation for The New York Pain Treatment Program at Lenox Hill Hospital.

    Marek has 30 years of experience working with people suffering from pain and orthopedic neurological problems. He has also trained athletes and performing artists. Marek has published articles in medical journals (Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, Pain Practitioner) and leads continuing education courses explicitly designed to bridge the complementary worlds of Physical Therapy and the Feldenkrais Method®.

    He is a former national champion of Poland, current men’s foil US Vet-50 National Champion, and individual bronze and team silver medalist of the 2019 Veteran’s Fencing World Championships.

    Marek Wyszynski is an amazing healer and teacher. He has helped me on several occasions.

    Steven R.
    18 Nov 2020
    Marek Wyszynski, Feldenkrais practitioner and physiotherapist

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