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Introductory Workshop

Join us for a live, in-person workshop, presented by
Kasia Wyszynski, PT, GCFP


April 27, 2024 | 10:00am-1:00pm

Physical Therapy & Feldenkrais NYC
134 W 26th St, 2nd Floor
$67 for Healthy You members | $85 for non-members
This three-hour workshop introduces the new JKA Solvents & Glue movement system created by long time Feldenkrais® trainer and creator of JKA, Jeremy Krauss. Over the course of this workshop, Kasia will present some of the foundational elements of this dynamic movement practice that create positive change. Done primarily in standing to help you improve the strength, stamina, and organization of your legs and upper body, S&G is firmly rooted in human anatomy, biomechanics, and early childhood movement development. The logical, systematic, movement sequences also allow space for playful randomness. You will discover that improving or clarifying any element of your movement system positively affects the function of the entire self.

Even the experienced “mover” will gain structural clarity through these movement configurations. Many people with a dance, yoga, Feldenkrais®, or Pilates background find this practice revelatory and full of valuable discoveries. The solidifying and stabilizing component in many Solvents & Glue lessons is helpful for those with joint hypermobility.

While the main portion of the workshop will be in standing, there will be short sequences in lying down and sitting positions. Mats, chairs, and rings (used during the upper-body movements) will be provided. 

All participants must be able to stand comfortably. This event is not appropriate if you are recovering from injury or surgery or dealing with acute pain.

Kasia is a licensed physical therapist, a senior Feldenkrais® practitioner, JKA Solvents & Glue teacher and JKA Practitioner of Developmental Hands-On,  with over 29 years of combined clinical experience.

With a steadfast commitment, Kasia’s professional focus has always been on aiding clients with a wide range of orthopedic and neurological issues, pain, and movement problems. 

Kasia’s continuing study of the human movement system includes the Feldenkrais® Method, numerous Physical Therapy Courses, Jeremy Kraus Abilities (JKA) Solvents & Glue, and Developmental Hands-On. Her passion is finding the best way to help her clients heal, sustain, enhance, and optimize their movement abilities. 

She aims to guide and empower clients to find more ease, comfort, agency, and joy in moving. Kasia expertly combines her anatomy, physiology, exercise science, and movement development knowledge with mindfulness-based practices.

“As a professional dancer for many years, we are often expected to perform the most intricate movements. I love Solvents and Glue because it is an opportunity to slow down, listen, and play with the simple, limitless possibilities in the body. The most important element is that it is upright, with gravity, so my muscles kick in, and so it’s immediately applicable in my life. I sense my hypermobility and can choose, through exploration, alternatives that help me feel stronger, taller, efficient, relaxed, and free.”

Belén Pereyra

 “…S&G has helped me evaluate the movement in my joints and muscles–where am I stuck, where can I distribute the forces better, what’s unlikely to change, what can I do to compensate.  The Feldenkrais approach was essential for me, but the focus on anatomy, physical therapy and all the other disciplines which have been integrated into the lessons is what has made this series extremely useful.  It’s been sort of a Feldenkrais-on-steroids experience!…”

Betty Akiba

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