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Wallace Murray

Customer Service & Administration

When you ask Wallace, “What makes you smile at work?” he always replies, “Talking to clients.” And when you read clients’ opinions, they consistently mention his talent to make people feel at home while balancing appointments. From our students and patients who visit our office, we often hear, “Wallace is so nice and very helpful!” They appreciate how he makes everything effortless.

Interesting facts about Wallace

I am most happy when a client talks about how much they have improved since coming. I also enjoy witnessing those new to the Feldenkrais method getting excited about the approach after they’ve seen it work firsthand.

When I have some free time, I enjoy fishing. It’s my time to relax because it helps to clear my mind. 

Number 1 on my bucket list is to finish school. I have the opportunity to take my education seriously now, something I wish I had done when I was younger. I hope to use it to have a better life with more opportunities and positively impact the world. 

I’m currently attending LaGuardia but plan on transferring soon. I originally wanted to go into nursing but am now pursuing computer science. I really enjoy working with computers and learning more about technology. 

What our Clients say about Wallace

Kind and helpful

[…] I have to mention Wallace’s kind and friendly helpful greeting as I enter the office, and he makes everything transaction effortless. He is a great asset.

Jacqueline J.

Wallace is so nice and very helpful!

Joan V.

[…] The experts here like Marek Wyszynski and Kasia Wyszynski, both excellent PTs, and Marion Helfenstein, and the rest of the wonderful cast are there only there to help you organize your mind and body from the moment you walk in and meet Wallace Mathias Murray, who helps you greatly to organize your most important appointments!!

Pat K.

Wallace, at the front desk, has the perfect personality to make people feel at home while balancing appointments.

I feel most thankful to the team and highly recommend the Institute without reservation.

Pat Kurs

The treatment was wonderful, the interaction with the front desk and the therapists were very nice, the space was comfortable.

Michela B.

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